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COA (DIP in Management/HR)

Katherine is a dynamic and dedicated employee who possesses a unique combination of creative thinking and a strong work ethic. With a certificate 3 in Business Administration, she has a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of business and a passion for making a difference in the workplace. Her attention to detail and desire to constantly improve herself make her an invaluable asset to the Buddy team.

In addition to her professional skills, Katherine is known for her personal qualities. She is a kind, caring, and honest person who takes the time to understand the needs of others. Her natural wisdom and ability to think outside the box allow her to find innovative solutions to challenges and to bring a fresh perspective to any project she works on.

Katherine also has a unique personal interest in crystals and home decor, which adds to her creativity and originality. She brings her unique personality and interests to the workplace, making her a joy to work with and adding to the positive workplace culture.

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