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About US

Buddy Support Services is helping NDIS Participants Live Their Best Life

Buddy Support Services is about grabbing your Buddy and enjoying the vast variety of engaging programs. These are inclusive for all and are guaranteed to put a smile on our clients face. Buddy Support Services saw there wasn’t enough smiles, enjoyment, activities, social interaction and education for participants, so it started up services that focus on these core outcomes. 



NDIS Participants value Buddy Support Services because it provides a friendly, safe environment for them to learn, socialise, and make friends. We do this through our programmes, which are designed to ensure that participants not only have a wonderful time but also learn important skills such as;

  • Life Skills

  • Social Skill

  • Communication Skills Social interaction in community

  • Confrontational Awareness

  • Safety within the Community and as an Individual

  • Sex Education/Relationships

  • Understand the environment and situation

  • Safety and social understanding

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Buddy Support Services was founded on the principles of friendship and giving participants excellent opportunities to interact with not just others but also their community. Each of our services is meticulously developed and evaluated based on the participants’ learning objectives and the needs of the participants. Buddy Support Services takes pride in being distinct from other providers, and we want to maintain that reputation and continue to provide a services that are catered to our participants needs. Our company values, which will be an integral component of the company as it develops and will guide us and our participants to a successful future. 

The company’s long-term ambitions include launching a comprehensive group programs, respite services, and Buddy HQ, which will be a secret project that will be a game changer, that is unique to Buddy Support Services to help support our participants.

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